I am what I am because we are. - Ubuntu (Zulu Philosophy)
Me. We. - Muhammad Ali

Additional Communication

Words from Founder

Welcome to Black Mall!

I appreciate you stopping by to check out the Black Mall. Bear with us as the Black Mall is still under construction. Functionality will be implemented as we go.

It has been said that every journey begins with the first step. This is not the first step in my journey nor is it the first step in our journey to drive positive and meaningful change.

Black Mall is a new project inspired to transform African-American businesses to ensure that we remain relevant by engaging the latest practices and technology to deliver products and services to meet the needs of our customers/clients and communities. At the core of Black Mall is doing business with a communal mindset. It is a mindset that prioritizes building a forceful sustainable village over creating individual huts. Black Mall is about developing a community of businesses that interact with a communal mindset to develop an economic foundation that can be leveraged to drive positive change.

The original idea for Black Mall was for a virtual African-American business directory to make it easier to find African-American businesses. After several iterations of the idea it was determined that though listing the business names was an important first step it was not sufficient. As business owners we must focus on sustainability and growth. This led to the idea evolving to include the delivery of business development services to assist business owners and entrepreneurs. It was further determined that the Black Mall project is aligned with our IMMUNITY FOR OUR COMMUNITY project, a holistic framework for community development. This vision for Black Mall is much more than a virtual directory.

Our objective is to cultivate a mindset that drives what I call collaborative achievement relationship development.

Due to the urgency to meet the needs of our business community given these current times, I decided to launch Black Mall during the development process which means it is far from complete. This is allows us to invite you to take this journey with us and to make it a communal project. We will be engaging you, the community to take part in the development process so that you can share your recommendations for features/functionality to make Black Mall a platform of value.

As I said, this is not my first step on this journey. I urge you to check out my company TWG website which has my background and my other purpose-driven ventures. I invite you to follow me on social media. Disclaimer, I am not a social media person but I am now ramping up to leverage it as another means for sharing my knowledge and ideas. I invite you to attend an online interview on June 16, 2020 @ 7PM where I will share my experience building an enterprise of over 100 brands. If you want to attend this online gathering hosted by Shared Experiences you can register here.

The beauty of Black Mall is that it is being developed using a sustainable economic model. In essence this means Black Mall serves as a financial seed to sprout and propagate growth across multiple areas. I sincerely hope you will join me on this journey to transform our business relationships, businesses, and our communities. The time is now. Register your business while it is still free.

I invite you to become a member and part of this transformation movement. Do not seek perfection cause it is unattainable instead seek progress as this is attainable each day, in each moment.

Darin C. Wright
The Wright Group, LLC