Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is BLACK MALL free or subscription-based?
    BLACK MALL was free until June 19th, 2020. It is now a subscription-based service.
  • Why are the subscription rates and other offerings so inexpensive?
    BLACK MALL wants to minimize the financial barrier to participation. To encourage and sustain the commitment to doing business with African-American (AA) owned businesses we need access to a large pool of AA businesses with diverse offerings of products and services. The cost for membership will increase as we integrate more functionality and offerings into our platform but we will do our best to keep our prices low. Accomplishing this requires that we have a large membership. Remember that BLACK MALL is a business too.
  • Why does BLACK MALL appear incomplete?
    Because of the large demand for searchable data on African-American businesses, we decided it was a better option to launch then build as we go. We are using the minimum viable product product development process. We have been integrating additional functionality and content as we progress.
  • Will BLACK MALL be open to the public or just subscribers?
    Both. The directory listing will be available to the public to give consumers and businesses the ability to find African-American owned businesses. Subscribers will have access to components and functionality not accessible to the public such as the reporting/data analytics features.
  • Does BLACK MALL have an app?
    Not yet!
  • What is the purpose of the username?
    Once the free period is over and BLACK MALL switches to a subscription model. Subscribers will use their username and password to access the subscriber only areas of BLACK MALL.
  • Why am I unable to purchase anything besides the annual subscriptions?
    At this time the other services are billed via electronic invoice.
  • How can I support the cause if I do not own a business?
    You can purchase a gift membership which includes (1) 12 month membership to give to local African-American owned business in your area.
  • What does "economic sustainable model" mean?
    It is a model where we offer a good or service at a low-cost to increase the sales. Then we redirect a portion of the revenue to a social, economic, or environmental cause. It is based on a principle of everyone contributing a little to make a large impact. Instead of giving a donation, you purchase an item that benefits you. We share part of our revenue with a cause. It is a "values based" approach to business.
  • How does an economic sustainable model benefit BLACK MALL or its members?
    It benefits the "collective community" which benefits everyone in the long-term. Purchasing a membership supports an African-American owned business that serves to help other African-American owned businesses. When you gift the free membership it helps another African-American owned business and also strengthens the relationship between you and the other business owner. BLACK MALL directs a portion of the revenue to a worthy cause. It is a win-win-win situation. It requires a large number of contributors for the model to have meaningful impact. We have a high-level plan in place ready to execute when we reach our target membership level.
  • Why does the membership fees increase?
    BLACK MALL began its pricing based on the stage of development. We started with a free membership because there was minimal functionality integrated into the website. We have made minor increases with a commitment to do our best to keep fees as low as possible. Remember we are business with overhead.
  • Why do I have to become a Member, Advocate, or Supporter to register for free education and engagement events?
    We started BLACK MALL with open registration. Unfortunately we had bots or individuals entering registrations with garbage data. After trying several methods to eradicate this issue we came to the solution of having participants become part of our family first which is not an uncommon method for online communities. This approach has helped to mitigate/eliminate the issue. Please visit our benefits page to learn more about the Member, Advocate, and Supporter roles.