Communal Principles

There is a philosophy amongst African tribes known as ”Ubuntu". This philosophy is based on the principle of “I am what I am because of who we are.” It is a mindset where individuals are vested in the welfare and success of the community. This does not mean that individuals are not valued. It means that individuals value themselves by their commitment to value the community. Ubuntu is about having a communal mindset and relationships.

What is a communal mindset?
It is a mindset that understands our interconnection and that our sustainable success is dependent upon the success others in the community. It is a reflection of Nature's ecosystem.

What is a communal relationship?
A communal relationship is a relationship that focuses on having consideration for others' needs. It is a self-awareness of how one's decisions and behaviors impacts, positively or negatively impacts the community. Those involved in communal relationships find value and joy in giving as much as receiving. This may appear contrary to how most personal and business relationships appear to operate where it seems common that everyone is soley focused on their personal or business needs.

We are culturally predisposed to behave with a communal mindset. We must be our natural self. It is upon each of us to think of "me as we and we as me". We must make a conscious decision to continuously invest in, grow and protect our communities. These times demand that we come together for our collective success.

Black Mall seeks to cultivate and grow a business community that incorporates Ubuntu principles.