Professional Coaching

Many successful entrepreneurs and small business owners have utilized coaches to improve their business skills and keep them focused on what is important.

BLACK MALL provides entrepreneur and business coaching through an affiliate, Professional Executive Program (PEP). PEP entrepreneur and business coaches are experienced entrepreneurs who work with new and seasoned entrepreneurs. PEP coaches guide you with setting realistic goals aligned with their business vision, developing strategies, and creating action plans to make things happen. This partnership works well for entrepreneurs who are great at building their product or delivering their service but want to become better business professionals.

PEP Entrepreneur Coaching is also an excellent resource for those who have an idea and want to transform that idea into a meaningful product or service and for those experienced entrepreneurs who want to scale their business.

PEP Entrepreneur Coaching provides

  • Idea Transformation
  • Guidance & Motivation
  • Sounding board
  • Accountability
  • Developing a strategy and action plan

PEP was born in an entrepreneurial environment! Reach out to us at to inquire about how our coaches can help you grow.