3 Ways to Become Part of the BLACK MALL Community

  • Become a BLACK MALL Supporter (Free)
  • Become a BLACK MALL Advocate by Listing your business ($1/month)
  • Become a BLACK MALL Member ($5/month)

Supporter Benefits (Sign-up)

  • Invited to register for free events hosted by BLACK MALL or I M Possible MALL
  • Receive coupons/discounts offered by BLACK MALL Members

Advocate Benefits (List Your Business)

  • Invited to register for free events hosted by BLACK MALL or I M Possible MALL
  • Discounts on fee-based events
  • Receive coupons/discounts offered by BLACK MALL Members
  • Able to offer coupons/discounts to BLACK MALL Members

Member Benefits

You are not paying to list your business you are investing in your business!

Here are a few benefits to being a member:
  • Easily accessible information about your businesses.
  • Easily able to connect with other American American business owners.
  • Inexpensive platform to list your business.
  • Unlike other platforms there are no fees for leads. Leads contact you directly.
  • Inexpensive advertising options on platform.
  • New businesses will be listed in email distribution to all members
  • Inexpensive advertising options for direct marketing to BLACK MALL members and network.
  • Access to meaningful data about products, services, and geographical locations of our members.l
  • Reduced advertisement rates in BLACK MALL's new digital magazine.
  • Reduced advertisement rates in On the Verge digital magazine which has a national reach.
  • Receive information on engagement events from Black Mall and its partners.
  • You go wherever BLACK MALL goes.
  • You are able to contribute to the design of the platform.
  • We are continously implementing new functionality to help you develop your business.
  • You receive discounts on some business and technology classes and attend others for free.
  • Access to online content and functionality not available to non-members.
  • NOTE: Choosing to just list your business does not entitle you to membership benefits.
Tools for Growth
  • Invitation to participate in online classes and collaborative group discussions on business, entrepreneurship, and technology
  • Access data analysis tools
  • An offer to market your business on BLACK MALL’s page
  • Releasing new BLACK MALL digital magazine dedicated to promoting members
  • First issue will feature Jams By Kim (owner - Kim Osterhoudt) – Please check her business profile on BLACK MALL
Influence & Perspective
  • You are invited to provide content in the area of your expertise/business to be published on BLACK MALL’s website and BLACK MALL digital magazine
  • You may be invited to be interviewed on one of our online platforms